All Summers End, by Beñat Miranda

Ireland entrusts its summer to a Gulf Stream capable of reaching those British latitudes, like a strange marine spectrum, with much more pleasant temperatures than any other region in the area. But let's not fool ourselves, that Irish summer also has its dark side among the inexhaustible greenery of its insular physiognomy. And there are times when the summer ends abruptly... that's what Beñat Miranda is going to talk about in this story...

The body of one of the most famous composers of the moment is found in the room of one of the most exclusive hotels in Dublin. There is not a single drop of blood on his body. Kiaran, a determined detective from the Garda, the Irish police force, takes charge of the investigation. The case becomes increasingly dangerous and puzzling when everything points to it being the work of a serial killer.

To solve it, Kiaran asks for help from Hayden, a shrewd young man with an enigmatic past and an extravagant personality who has already collaborated with the police on previous occasions. The two will embark on a frantic hunt for the killer when they discover that behind his identity lies an ancient secret related to the darkest and most sinister legends of Irish folklore.

In his first novel, Beñat Miranda, also known as Solapaine, the voice and soul of the Spanish-speaking community of one of the most important video games of this century, Fortnite, traps the reader with an addictive crime story with an unexpected ending and becomes one of the new promises of the genre.

You can now buy «Every summer ends», by Beñat Miranda, here:

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