The Sign of the Cross by Glenn Cooper

It had been a long time since I came across a story about Christian stigmata that always point to the supernatural as an atavistic memory of those who were chosen by God. So it is worth pointing out this plot that places in our days a new case of improvised holiness, of the election of a new divine messenger who will carry with him some of those secrets that anyone would like to reveal to clarify the future of this world of ours.

The question is always to sustain the doubt, to present the suspicion about some vested interest capable of awakening the thousand-year-old marks of God on human flesh. Not a few parallel confessions of today, sects or other organizations in search of devout believers capable of everything like an army can go after the matter of a priest who seems to have been marked to manifest some new messianic will. And the way the patio is, we come up with plagues and apocalypse about to fall on our civilization like a new universal flood. The protagonists of this story will walk in this ...

Cal Donovan, eminent professor of the History of Religions and Archeology at Harvard, is urgently called to the Vatican. He must give his opinion on the mysterious case of a priest who suffers the stigmata of the crucifixion and claims to have mystical visions. Donovan is amazed to see that the priest's wounds are real and that they resemble those inflicted on Jesus on the cross.

The situation becomes worrying when the cleric is kidnapped and Donovan discovers that he is not the only one interested in this supposed miracle. Why is a mysterious society desperately trying to figure out the key to the stigmata? The answer is a thousand-year-old secret and it will be a real time bomb if it falls into the wrong hands.

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